ProGrid consultants work with all the key stakeholders to clearly define the task at hand, articulate the relevant criteria, develop applications and ranking systems, and implement the processes to gather, compile, compare, and present the results. The results can be seen in better funding applications, reduced time demands on evaluators, and a transparent and comprehensive record of exactly how and why each decision is made.

» 9 Steps for Better Evaluation & Decision Making

Dr. C. W. (Clem) Bowman

C.M.,Ph.D.,P.Eng.,HCIC, FCAE

Practice Areas: Technology Commercialization, Energy Strategies

Dr. Bowman is Chair of ProGrid Ventures Inc. He is also Senior Advisor for Alberta Innovates: Energy and Environment Solutions and Senior Advisor...

Dr. John W. Kramers

PhD., P.Geol

Practice Areas: Science & Technology/ R&D project selection, Grants & Contributions, Technology Based Economic Development (TBED) and Technology Commercialization

Dr. Kramers is a senior ProGrid consultant and is CEO for ProGrid Evaluation Solutions. He has worked with the company since 1998, providing...